First blog post

I’ve been a gamer all of my life and I used to be a hard core gamer, sometimes playing games up to 14 hours a day, only taking a break to eat and use the bathroom. Although I play less games, I currently work in the gaming industry as an engine programmer. I am a Roman Catholic and at some point, (a few years?) I intend to enter the seminary to pursue my vocation as a priest. I decided to start this blog because I realized there’s a large community of people (gamers) and there is virtually no Catholic presence in this community. This is terrible. Many gamers are Catholic, and I haven’t really seen any priest gamers. Maybe it’s because they’re so busy, which is plausible. There is also a large quantity of difficult questions that no one has answered that need answering. For example, how does one love thy neighbor in the gaming community? Is it okay to steal items from people if the developers built that functionality into the game? Or is it still a sin?

I intend to tackle these questions as well as cover various other difficult topics such as violence in video games, the video game as an alternate reality, story lines and their implications on the real world, what games are okay to play and what games aren’t okay, etc.


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