This site is about the integration of gaming and Catholicism together and all of the implications involved in doing so. We discuss topics such as violence, community, specific game related topics such as loot, bosses, stories, voice or text chat, single and multiplayer, MMORPG’s and online presence. We also compare fictional worlds with real life and how they affect each other.

It’s about answering difficult questions related to gaming while guiding players in a morally responsible direction.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that there is virtually no Catholic presence in the gaming world, but there should be. Frequently people “talk smack” regarding one’s sister or mom. Or even do inappropriate actions with “bags of tea”. To some this may be funny at first, but unfortunately this can create a very hostile community with much yelling, hurt feelings and/or feeling angry. This makes for a very poor gaming experience.

We’ve always been told that God comes down to meet us where we’re at and we can help others by bringing Jesus to them. But unfortunately in this age, it’s almost as if the gaming virtual world is an area where God hasn’t met us, or can’t seem to reach us and the reason is because Christians don’t act Christian in the virtual worlds. It’s as if they cast off God as if he’s a burden and now they’re free to do whatever they want in a game. If God meets us where we’re at, then we’re supposed to bring Jesus to others no matter where we are, even in virtual worlds. If we have hostile gaming communities, it’s our own fault because we “shed” God before we go in. This is bad. Gaming can be so much better if we invite God into our virtual worlds too. Nothing is beyond God’s reach, not even our created virtual worlds.

This blog will also discuss various themes found in Japanese anime and tv shows, but this will not happen quite as often. There is some natural overlap between gaming and anime. And because I like both. 😀

What this site isn’t. It’s not a review site for parents to see what games their kids should or should not play. But perhaps by following the advice on this blog, they’ll have a better understanding of the complications involved in selecting games for their children. Also, some of the topics on this site may be more adult in nature, such as violence and sex.

Warning: Everything on this site is strictly opinion. I attempt to align all values and blog posts with Catholic beliefs the best I can. If I do not, or made a mistake, please let me know.