Quests and Bosses

These are quests, bosses, and powerups used to strengthen your during your spiritual life. For each article I post, I will present a quest or boss. The summary of quests and bosses are placed here for convenience. In these quests I make reference to HP and MP. HP is prayer or spiritual life and MP is gaming life. HP should always be greater than MP.

  1. Mana Slash: Take the amount of time that you game and cut it in half for one week.
  2. HP/MP Swap: Figure out how many hours a week you game on average, unless you already know. Figure out how many hours a week you pray. Do an HP/MP swap! Take the amount of hours you game and pray that amount instead. Similarly, take the amount of hours you pray and game that amount. Do this for one week. (unless your HP is already greater than your MP)